Welcome to Nodaway County, Missouri

Nodaway County was Incorporated in 1845 with the county seat located in Maryville, MO. Our current classification is -- Third Class County Township Government. Our 2010 Census population is 23,370 with an assessed valuation of $313,975,586 (2013). With 14 elected Officials our county consists of Agricultural and Industrial Businesses.

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Nodaway County, Missouri Facts

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The area which became Nodaway County was once a part of Indian lands covered with tall waving prairie grasses on the uplifts or "narrows".  Imagine the vast prairies heavy with game and uncluttered by trees, except along the three north-to-south rivers and the small creeks!

Missouri territory became a state in 1821, but the Indians still held the triangle to the northwest, which contained very fertile and desirable land.



The Sheriff Department is currently accepting applications for dispatching and jailors.  Contact 660-582-7451 for information. 

Nodaway County Hazard Mitigation Plan Draft Posted

The Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments has been coordinating with the jurisdictions of Nodaway County to update the Nodaway County Hazard Mitigation Plan. The First Draft of the 2019 Plan contains data on changes to the county’s assets and the hazard events that have occurred since the last update of the plan. Feedback from the public will be incorporated into the plan, which is available for public review and comment on this website. If you have questions or comments regarding the Draft please email them to linda@nwmorcog.org .

Draft Nodaway County HMP 2019.pdf