Public Administrator

Dee O'Riley   

403 N. Market
Room 310
Maryville, MO 64468
660-562-2217 (Office)
660-582-5282 (Fax)


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Missouri Association of Public Administrators Ethical Principles

  1.  A guardian treats the person with dignity

  2.  A guardian involves the person to the greatest extent possible in all decision making

  3.  A guardian selects the option that places the lease restrictions on the person's freedom and rights

  4.  A guardian identifies and advocates for the person's goals, needs, and preferences

  5.  A guardian maximizes the self-reliance and independence of the person

  6.  A guardian keeps confidential the affairs of the person

  7.  A guardian avoids conflicts of interest and self-dealing

  8.  A guardian complies with all laws and court orders

  9.  A conservator manages all financial matters carefully

10.  A conservator respects that the money and property being managed belong to the person